What Our Fans are Saying

Every day, after dinner, we have a dance party with my girls and Choonga Changa is often at the top of the request list! What wonderfully imaginative songs for little ones. We have so much fun with this album!

Katelyn in Ottawa – Mother to a three year old and one year old

My kids, wife and I were introduced to Choonga Changa in 2018… Choonga Changa is that rare type of children’s music that can withstand the test of time. My daughter is finally excited for long car rides, knowing she’ll hear her favourite tunes!  Even as a parent, the music will have you tapping your toes and singing along, and hours later have you still humming along at your desk without even knowing it! .. Fast forward two years later and we are astill blasting the tunes! Truly songs that past the test of time.

Paul in Ottawa – Father of a 6yr old and 2yr old.

“I loved these songs as a child and I am thrilled that my children are enjoying them now!  Their quality, catchiness, and great messages are comparable to the most popular songs that we all enjoyed as children.  Adults can appreciate them just as much as children, which is very important when they are requested on the “home jukebox” over and over again! 
 Raissa, New Brunswick (now in Quebec) – Mother to Lianna

It's Funny


“I like listening to the Pasta Song because it’s funny”. 

Lianna, age 9